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Be the change shirt line is a beautiful way to show your support for positive change. Featuring a ladybug which represents the power of transformation. Its a reminder to be the change you wish to see in the world. Comfortable, this shirt is ready for the summer. An inspiring message and stylish design. This is sure to become a favorite in the wardrobe!


Great way to show your support for Hemp and its many uses. This is a stylish yet comfortable sweatshirt ( hoodie). from clothing to paper to food, hemp is a versatile and sustainable resource that can help us create a ore sustainable future, show your support with Cannaesthetics ®!

Urban PLNTS* 

Our Urban Pots collection is designed for those who want to bring nature into their homes but are limited on space. These plants( Aloe Vera/ Succulents, and a Fruit variety)  are ideal for small patios, porches, or any small space that needs a touch of greenery. Choose from our selection of plants that are easy to care for and full of character.

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