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Q: What is Cannaesthetics®?
A: Cannaesthetics® is a brand that combines plant-based skincare products with the benefits of hemp. Our products are designed to nourish, soothe, and hydrate your skin while providing the benefits of hemp extract.

Q: What types of products does Cannaesthetics® offer?
A: Cannaesthetics® offers a variety of skincare products, including moisturizers, serums, cleansers, and more. 

Q: How can hemp benefit the skin?
A: Hemp is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective ingredient for reducing redness and irritation. It also contains antioxidants and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, which can help to nourish and hydrate the skin.




Hemp is related to cannabis but unlike cannabis ( marijuana) , hemp contains very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , less than 0.3% as stated by farm Bill ,USDA . While  It is legal to sell hemp and hemp products in the U.S. they must be below .3%THC !  Hemp flowers, leaves, seed, seed oil, and protein are used as food and/or medicine while stalks and stems can be used for fibers.


Cannabidiol, or CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis (Marijuana, Hemp). It is derived directly from the hemp plant, or manufactured in a laboratory. ( * Hemp used in products is derived naturally from whole industrial hemp plants from USDA US Farms and abroad)


 Fiber, Food, and Medicine a very versatile plant, hemp has been used for thousands of years throughout our history... *ask your doctor before consuming changing / trying a new diet or any herbal supplements. 


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